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The Hydrocontest 2017 is supported by the city of Saint-Tropez.



The Hydrocontest 2017 is supported by the Société Nautique of Saint-Tropez.




Safety, comfort and respect of the environment

Watt&Sea’s aim is to conceive, manufacture and market energy systems for marine use, to help reduce the impact on our planet and to bring more freedom, comfort and safety to the yachtsmen: this is the daily motivation for the team of Watt&Sea.

The innovations of our hydro generators are the result of intensive work and research.
To provide its advantages to a large number of yachtsmen in the world is a strong mission and a challenge for the company and its team.



For more than 20 years, NUMECA International has been developing leading software in the CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) market. We offer engineers, designers and researchers the means of predicting the physical behaviour of complex systems in which the role of fluids is significant. Our software and services bring the following advantages to our users, among others:




As a centre of excellence, NUMECA International participates in a large number of research projects with university departments, research laboratories and leading industrial partners, enabling us to offer the latest technological progress to our customers.




FRIENDSHIP SYSTEMS is a leader in CFD-driven shape optimization of complex free-form geometries.

Our flagship product CAESES is an integration and automation platform that includes simulation-ready variable CAD, optimization algorithms, and post-processing. Customers use CAESES together with their simulation tool (most often CFD) to design and develop better products, faster, and at lower cost.

Typical areas of interest include turbomachines, ducts and manifolds, engine components, aerodynamic bodies, ship hulls, amongst others.



CPU 24/7 is a leading provider of CAE as a Service (CAEaaS) solutions.

Headquartered in Potsdam / Germany, CPU 24/7 develops and operates unique on demand services for High Performance Computing (HPC) that are based on the latest globally accepted industry standards for hardware, software, and applications. Since 2006 CPU 24/7 has served in particular the high end CAE markets where these services are designed to fulfill all the requirements of even the most demanding jobs. CPU 24/7 provides its customers flexible pre-configured and “ready-to- use” CAEaaS infrastructures hosted in the CPU 24/7 Cloud. The service is provisioned ‘on-demand’ and remotely, eliminates expensive upfront investments and is immediately available."

UberCloud is the online Community, Marketplace, and Container Factory where engineers, scientists, and their service providers, discover, try, and buy ubiquitous Computing Power and Software as a Service, from Cloud Resource and Software Providers around the world.


Engineers and scientists can explore, discuss, and use this computing power on demand to solve their demanding design and development problems. Unique UberCloud HPC software container technology (based on Docker) simplifies software packageability and portability, enables ease of access and instant use of engineering SaaS solutions, and maintains scalability across multiple compute nodes. UberCloud HPC software container technology removes most of the challenges and roadblock in engineering and scientific cloud computing, making these much improved SaaS solutions a seamless extension of engineers' in-house desktop computer. UberCloud's HPC application containers are fully portable, accessible, and usable on workstations, and servers, and any cloud.