HydroContest 2017: A great first edition in Saint-Tropez!
Monday, 11 September 2017

HydroContest 2017: A great first edition in Saint-Tropez!

Winners from all around the world, amazing performances and a breath-taking location were the main features of this first edition in French territory.

The battles of the final stages were spectacular, as the races were close between the prototypes. The big performance still bears the trademark of the Haute Ecole d'Ingénierie et d'Architecture in Fribourg (Switzerland), which places its two boats in the final of the "light boats" category which it wins brilliantly against the University of Belgrade (Serbia) and then in the heavyweight category, where it falls in front of the impressive team of EPFL which played on a perfect mastery of its pilot. On Sunday afternoon, the Long Distance Race, which brought together all the teams on a one hour race saw the vitcory of the UNC Medellin team, with a prototype at the forefront of technology.



  "The light boat of HEIG-VD Yverdons-Les-Bains in full speed"

The Colombian university also won several off-race prizes: the best design and the best "TechTalk" presentation. In the other prizes outside the race, the French team from Université Le Havre Normandie receive the eco-conception award (delivered by the patron of HydroContest Roland Jourdain) thanks to their boat made of wool fiber. The "light" innovation award went to the HEIG of Yverdon-les-Bains (which also won the award for best communication) and the impressive team of Universitas Indonesia in "heavy" innovation . Finally, the Serbs of the University of Belgrade won the title of the "HydroContest Spirit", valuing the most solidary team.




  "Great battle between HEIA Fribourg and the University of Athens"